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The Game

This is a low poly Fantasy World. An Action-RPG Hack n Slash Survival Game. You are the child of two godly beings in a world that was without monsters roaming around.

Heroes were not needed anymore as there was no danger for Thousands of Years, until a new Demon King took power. All small towns got hunted down and castles destroyed and the Guild Hall filled with Heroes is now suddenly remembered.

The game features a hero growing up from a poor town and getting the task to head to the Guild Hall to ask for aid, just to find out that the lack of support the Guild Hall had for all these years has caused it to be a destroyed ghost town.

From what you learned in the poor town you grew up in, you took the Tools scattered around and started gathering, rebuilding, and shaping the Guild Hall to its previous glory while defending against the Hordes of Monsters and venturing out into the world finding out the true secrets of the world and how everything came to be.


  • In-Depth Story-Line: The RPG story line will tell you about the Histories of what happened in the Guild Hall and other events.

  • Broad character development: There are numerous classes in the game and your character can be every class in the game and level all of them on one character as you progress, each class gives a certain passive to the character once the level of the class has been reached if you run as a warrior until level 35 and gain the extra health passive FOR EXAMPLE, then you will have this extra health passive when changing to a level 1 ranger.

  • Races: There is 4 races in the game and subject to change. Humans, Demonkin, Wolfkin, Elven

  • Wide Loot Range: All enemies killed in the game has certain gear and loot they drop, each mob has different loot drops and there a lot. From gathering materials, crafting materials, items, gear, weapons to legendary upgrade gems and secret notes.

  • Crafting: You can craft a lot of gear and weapons and tools in the game to help you in your adventures. It takes a while to level your blacksmith to be able to craft the best of the best.

  • Monster Waves: You need to defend against the monster waves that spawns from the monster realm, if these waves get pass your wall defences and destroys your gate, then all your buildings lose a level and this causes loads of progress loss, the timer for these waves are only ticking down once in the game. Waves difficulty will be adjusted according to buildings built in your town. This feature is implemented with towers to be built, customize which towers you want on each slot to help you defend against each wave, if your towers are strong enough, then they can take on the waves themselves.

  • Repairing and Upgrading your OWN TOWN: You need to take care of the Guild Hall that the Heroes built up in the ancient times to defend the world against a massacre from the Demon world.

  • Secret Puzzles: For those that loves lore and finding legendary items, there is a place in this game for you. Find the clues and riddles across the world to find out the secrets that the godly beings have hidden from the world and find their Artifacts to delve into the ascended realms.

  • Dungeons: Dungeons are the key of getting pieces required to make rare to legendary gear or find pieces for research inside of the Guild Hall

  • Tower of Demon Lords: Delve into the tower of demon lords which contains floors of elite demons and elite bosses at the end of each floor, this tower needs to be completed to finish the story, find out why the floors are guarded the way they are, and see how far they go.

  • Gathering: Not every hack n slash has gathering, but this time you need to pick up your axe and mine that iron, or take up your axe to chop that wood, because a town can't repair itself, using your lumberyard to make the planks required for each building. Level your gathering skills as there are more than 1 skill that needs to be levelled up to reach the top.

  • Multiplayer mode: Play Multiplayer with your friends and take on the Hard-Core dungeons on together and clear the tower of demon lords together, difficulty will be increased tenfold and loot will be increased. Help each other defend your towns together and much more.

  • AI Recruitment: Want to fight more outside of town and want resources while killing mobs? Recruit a few peasants from the Guild Hall and give them the tools you created so that they can also level up in gathering and give you the resources you assign them to over time!

  • In Dept Questing System: Events happen over time across the world, every section that is attached to the Guild Hall has their own quests and extra quests that can happen at certain times or at random. Enjoy an adventure that is not going to stay generic.

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